UDEV - Not Leaving Well Enough Alone

Dominic Ringuet dringuet at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 04:43:35 PST 2009

Sorry, can't help but toss in my 2 cents.

While my FD are unplugged and only used to stop dust from getting in (there
is even a 5¼ drive in a bay); I have a P100 16mb RAM laptop without any boot
devices besides the floppy. It is running some dev LFS and xorg from last
year, allowing me to ssh -X from anywhere et get a working terminal while
playing my music files. Also if I ever meet a floppy, this is my only
working FD.

Call me ecological hippie if you like, but I don't see the need to waste in
the wild what can still have a purpose as a fully working terminal. And
finally, putting LFS on that crap has been a lot of fun.

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