UDEV - Not Leaving Well Enough Alone

Jan-Christoph Bornschlegel trollfood at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 25 23:51:37 PST 2009

Good morning,

Am Mittwoch 25 November 2009 21:54:10 schrieb Mike McCarty:
> Simon Geard wrote:
> >[...], and I've honestly no idea where I could buy a new floppy disk
> > these days...



> Well, you don't use my machines, and on my machines, my rules
> hold. When I bought a machine a few years ago, one of the first
> things I did was put a floppy drive on it.
> [...]
> I have several machines I use which don't even HAVE USB interfaces,
> nor a BIOS which could recognize them.

I also own a rather old machine that serves as subversion repo and file server 
that can't boot from USB.

To get a little more offtopic here, there are fears among some scientists that 
our modern age will end up as one of the worst documented ever. You can't read 
some old data disks if you don't have a respective device anymore, and there's 
a lot of knowledge available in the online world which is not conserved in 
printed form. Some documents printed on supermarket terminals fade away even 
faster than you need to keep them for warranty, there are even recommendations 
to take a photocopy for legal reasons (this might be a special thing due to  
German bureaucracy, though).

IMHO the debade wether having a floppy drive or not are not only offtopic, but 
even completely meaningless.

As long as you compile the driver for FDD controllers into the kernel... ;)


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