menu.lst and fstab

Jan-Christoph Bornschlegel trollfood at
Tue Nov 24 09:13:37 PST 2009

Am Dienstag 24 November 2009 17:36:32 schrieb linux fan:
> As far as I am aware, greub always did, always will, call them hd.

I also think so.

> To be exact, it calls them hd when it means in grub-speak (hd0,
> and they can be called sd when it means in real-speak /dev/sda (if it is
> sata) So you can have a funny device map where it is hd on the left and sd
> on the right.

IIRC it depends not only on the technology (IDE/SATA) but on the names the 
drivers export. In my machine, the onboard IDE controllers have sd* driver 
exports, but my Promise TX133 IDE controller has a different driver and that's 
how the mixup happens in my case.


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