menu.lst and fstab

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Tue Nov 24 08:36:32 PST 2009

On 11/24/09, Jeremy Henty <onepoint at> wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 08:24:53AM -0700, Trent Shea wrote:
>> It really depends on how you  build your kernel; hd* is still valid,
>> as far as I'm aware.
> That's  not my  experience.  My  /dev/hd* devices  disappeared  when I
> upgraded  2.6.27 to  2.6.28 and  I have  no /dev/sr*  or  new /dev/sd*
> devices.

/dev/hd* devices will exist if there is hardware that is of that type.
My ancient system does have slots for hd drives and if an hd type drive
is plugged into a slot, there will be a corresponding /dev/hd* device.

Theoretically (haven't tested), if there are no hd type drives
connected, there won't be any /dev/hd* drives.

As far as I am aware, greub always did, always will, call them hd.
To be exact, it calls them hd when it means in grub-speak (hd0,
and they can be called sd when it means in real-speak /dev/sda (if it is sata)
So you can have a funny device map where it is hd on the left and sd
on the right.

Grub2 made up grub.cfg to use instead of menu.lst. In grub.cfg, it
clings to hd when in grub speak also. And it keeps using zero-based
drive numbering hd0 , but makes partition numbering one-based hd0,1 is
greub2's first partition on the first had drive.
Maybe this is fun.

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