boot problem LFS 6.5

Simon Geard delgarde at
Tue Nov 24 01:18:34 PST 2009

On Mon, 2009-11-23 at 04:56 -0600, Paul W. Lane wrote:
> This is the same problem I ran into. The cause is the kernel module
> for harddisks. It appears that the module does not name devices
> starting with "hd" anymore. All devices are named as "sd" now. I
> believe this has to due with only using the scsi driver and not libata
> or something of the like. Anyway the solution is to now assume your
> devices are all "sd" and not "hd". Leave the menu.lst as you have
> configured it, with root=/dev/sda1, and edit your two entries in
> /etc/fstab, renaming all instances of "/dev/hd#" to "/dev/sd#", minus
> the quotes.

It depends on the driver you're using, actually. If the device is called
"hd", it's using a driver from the old IDE module; if it's called "sd",
it's using the newer libata module. The former is considered unwanted
legacy, and it's drivers are by now mostly all ported to libata. That's
why the device names change when booting into the new LFS compared to
building it from the host - the host used the old driver, LFS uses the
newer one.

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