grub problem

Jan-Christoph Bornschlegel trollfood at
Mon Nov 23 06:04:51 PST 2009


su.sinnes schrieb:
> i have recompiled the kernel 4 times now and i have selected all SATA 
> drivers, and ext 2 filesystem.
> but no luck.

Just for clarity: the drivers are compiled in the kernel statically?

Second thing, maybe the drivers you have in LFS handle device names
differently and so, if you have more harddisks, what is (hd1,2) when
installing grub might turn out to be (hd0,2) when booting LFS (happens
if you have some ancient IDE controllers for example).

So you could start a grub shell when booting LFS and try "root (hd<TAB>
to see what's there, then fix it accordingly.


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