building x86_64 using lsflivecd-86_64

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Thank you Bruce, Aleksandar. Sorry for the late reply, I thought I would get individual messages back to my inbox. Now I know they come back bundled up in Digests (can I change this in any way?)
>> 1) For now, I am booting off the x86_64 lsflivecd, and I am following
>> the CLFS way to build a 64-bit multilib system, although pure 64
>> would suffice, and somehow I find it unnatural that one would need to
>> cross-compile, while building for the host, on the host itself. It
>> just doesn't feel right. Or am I completelly wrong?

Bruce wrote:
> Yes, you are wrong.  The reason for the cross compile is to completely isolate the current host from the new system.
OK, but is that not what we do in the LFS 6.4 or 6.5 as well? I am not trying to argue, just to better understand. In both LFS and CLFS we build such that we gradually detach ourselves completly from the host, right? Then what does the 64 bit compilation have to do with the detachment process once the target and the host acrhitectures are the same?
Aleksandar's reply kind of underlines this:
> This depends on the target capabilities. I have successfully built and
> am running/depending on a pure 64-bit system, and in my experience, for
> a pure 64-bit, no cross-compilers are necessary (apart from the first,
> which catapults your userland & kernel from x86 to x86_64). 
Put this way, it makes sense to me. What I would like to obtain is a 64 bit machine that has 32 bit libraries as well, so that I do not limit the system to 64 bit applications. 64 bits I need for those of my own. And, for this purpose, what Aleksandar wrote, that is,
> However, for a multilib, a 32-bit compiler is a requirement (which should be
> logical - you want to be able to build x86 binaries, right?). Thus - CLFS..
seems logical to me. 
While on this note, I do ot quite understand why one would not re-compile GRUB as well:
Aleksandar wrote:
> Woops! I forgot to mention I don't build GRUB anymore, those binaries
> (the GRUB in MBR, /boot/stage1 and /boot/stage2) are leftovers from my
> last x86.

>> 3) The lsflivecd (x86_64) site mentions an unofficial version of the,
>> I suppose, 64-bit version book, ...

> Use the -dev book for a pure-64 system.

Thank you, Bruce, I'll look at it.
Thank you All, again,
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