/tools/bin/env does not exist

pieter blomme pieter.blomme at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 08:25:23 PST 2009


Re-ran the whole LFS 6.5 book because I had a serious system crash in the
middle of building a package.  I reformatted the whole partition and started
all over.   Passed chapter 5 without any errors.  But then I started chapter
6 and tried to enter chroot which gave me:

pieter at Pluto:/mnt/lfs$ sudo chroot "$LFS" /tools/bin/env -i \
>     HOME=/root TERM="$TERM" PS1='\u:\w\$ ' \
>     PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/tools/bin \
>     /tools/bin/bash --login +h
chroot: cannot run command `/tools/bin/env': No such file or directory

I checked it, and it is correct that /tools/bin/env does not exist.  But how
come it doesn't?  Where should it normally have been installed?

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