creating my own lfs-cd

Robert A. Lerche ral at
Mon Nov 16 14:07:32 PST 2009

r-v-r> Now I would like to create my own bootable lfs-cd. My question
r-v-r> is: How to do it.

I recently built a custom LFS live CD for the Open Source Digital
Voting Foundation.  I updated the live CD makefiles to reflect LFS 6.4
(plus a few other changes) and added an application program (Pvote)
and its dependencies (Python, SDL, pygame).  I made it boot to the
login prompt (with an empty root password), or just run the demo (with
a different /etc/inittab).

You can fetch my "build it" sources (that is, the updated makefiles,
my notes, etc.) from

A warning: My build structure is a little fragile due to my adding the
Pvote application, making the live CD automatically run the demo and
stripping down the final output (that was the purpose of my exercise).

The default target in my master Makefile is "osdv-iso", the live Pvote
demo CD.  The "iso" target still works and can be used to build a live
CD with shell access, but *be*careful* to make /etc/inittab,
/etc/passwd and /etc/shadow on the CD be what you really want.

After completion the .iso make targets unmount everything.  After
building an .iso you can remount and prepare to build a different .iso
by entering "./restart" in the master directory

The target LFS /etc files will be accessible via ../image/etc/ after
remounting.  Just change whatever you want and then "make iso".

As I wrote in the README, the live CD build environment is a little
touchy and dependencies do not work fully automatically.  The
unmodified "make" from scratch works but after that you have to be

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

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