Grub-1.97 problems

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Wed Nov 11 21:07:15 PST 2009

linux fan wrote:
> On 11/11/09, Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at> wrote:
>> OK, I assume you are still within the chroot environment.
> No, this system has been running regularly with grub1 since January 2009.

But the LFS book assumes you are in chroot.

>> What is the result of:
>> ls -l /dev/sd*
> root at lfs:~# ls -l /dev/sd*


>> Lets see if we can get the grub-install command to work properly first
>> and then we can address other issues.  *Within the chroot environment*
>> remove all files in /boot/grub and check that /dev/sda and /dev/sdb are
>> present (at a minimum).  Then try
> ??? does grub2 _not_ work _unless_ *Within the chroot environment*  ???
> That would seem peculiar to me.
> Currently, I am not in chroot.

The reason I wanted you in chroot is that I didn't want to mess up your 
current /boot/grub files.

>>    grub-mkdevicemap --verbose
> root at lfs:~# rm /boot/grub/*
> root at lfs:~# grub-mkdevicemap -v
> root at lfs:~# cat /boot/grub/*
> (fd0)   /dev/fd0
> (hd0)   /dev/sda
> (hd1)   /dev/sdb
> ... it doesn't _verbose_ for me ... either -v or --verbose ...

Yes, I think that's a bug in the code.  grepping at the code, the 
variable is 'verbosity' and it's set, but the only time it's used is in
grub-setup.c.  I'll have to change the book to reflect that.

Looking at the code, to put the output to the screen, we need:

grub-mkdevicemap --device-map=-

Anyway, it looks like grub-mkdevicemap is working OK for you.


I just had an aha!

Try rebuilding grub without the --disable-largefile switch.  Your 
partition is 11G and that probably is causing it to fail.  I don't know 
what the threshold is.  I'll investigate.

   -- Bruce

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