about perl syslog.t test failure

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 9 01:12:32 PST 2009

yayo wrote:
>>>   ../ext/Sys/Syslog/t/syslog.......................................
>>>   #   Failed test 'setlogsock() should return true: '''
> [blahblah..]
>>>   DIED. FAILED test 176

I wrote:

>> This looks like a socket layer failure. It might be that it's attempting
>> to set up some sort of socket connection to something. Is your ethernet
>> hooked to anything?


> Thanks Mike.
> yes, I have an ethernet card but I'm not connected anywhere.
> I searched the web for info about this error and I found that someone else got the same test failure.
> The solution suggested is a sed command which fixes the testfile so that it can properly skips the test as it should in such case.
> (..at least this is what I understood of it. :P )
> here the pages:
> http://lists.diy-linux.org/pipermail/diy-linux-dev/2008-February/001190.html
> http://lists.diy-linux.org/pipermail/diy-linux-dev/2008-February/001191.html

That looks like my conjecture was somewhat correct, but for the wrong
reason. It appears that it attempts to use /dev/log to log some socket
stuff results. If /dev/log doesn't exist, then this fails, but not due
to failures of the socket layer.

> So I applied the "patch" and I then got zero errors. : )

Of course!

I don't have any help for your other problem. Sorry not to be
much (any?) help.

Well, I tried. My girlfriend says I'm very trying. :-)

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