error when booting

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Thu Nov 5 11:31:12 PST 2009

Simone Dalmasso wrote:
> Hi, I've built the 6.5 LFS. My host was a kubuntu 9.10 under a virtual
> machine. All worked fine during the building but now, when I've installed
> the new grub and I try to boot the LFS, I get an error like:
> cannot open root "sda5" or unknown block(2,0)
> Please append a correct root= boot option. Here available partitions:
> 0b00 1048575 sr0 driver:sr
> 0b01 1048575 sr1 driver:sr
> kernel panic...
> My /boot /grub/menu.lst file is:
> title LFS
> root (hd0,4)
> kernel /boot/lfskernel- root=/dev/sda5
> The sda5 partition is where I built the lfs, it's correct.

It sounds like the proper drivers are not built into the kernel.  The 
kernel needs to know what the hardware (in this case virtual hardware) 
are and have support for them.

   -- Bruce

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