User based package management

Chris Staub chris at
Tue Nov 3 14:27:13 PST 2009

On 11/03/2009 04:46 PM, Timothy Rice wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> I can see why you might say that, but being new to LFS myself, I actually
> found the user-based package-management regime invaluable. This is because
> it makes it easy to undo the mistakes that invariably happen, even when
> trying to follow the book closely (which I have been).
> Tim
I don't disagree, I use package users myself. It does certainly help 
when testing things and avoiding screwing up the whole system. However, 
when trying something like LFS for the first time (or few times, 
depending on how long it might take to figure everything out), it 
frequently doesn't help to add other variables (such as package 
management - any kind) as if you aren't familiar with how LFS goes, it 
can be make things more difficult when you problems as you wouldn't 
really know if it's due to something you did, something in the book, or 
a problem with whatever you're doing differently from the book (of 
course it doesn't help that half the time when someone has deviated from 
the book, they neglect to mention it when asking for help).

Besides, I'd say having to restart a few times due to messing things up 
should be considered a useful learning experience, teaching you to be 
more careful. Well, OK, using package users is one way of doing just 
that, but it's not the only way...

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