lfs 6.5 binutils

Justin P. Mattock justinmattock at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 09:11:56 PST 2009

Geoff Howell wrote:
> >> Fairly certain I didn't, I followed the book religously (copy/paste
> >> instructions).
> >> I will of course check tonight.
> >
> >I guess a good way of checking is the install verbosity.
> >
> >Justin P. Mattock
> I've checked the tools directory that I backed up at the end of ch5, 
> and the supposedly missing libs are there after all - but I can 
> guarantee you that they were not there after the binutils install, so 
> some other process has put them there. I didn't bother to check after 
> I decided to push on...
> So, now for the next problem - I'll post it in a new mail.
> Thanks for your assistance.
> Geoff.
Tough to say what happened..
in any case checking the verbosity
is a good thing.

Justin P. Mattock

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