lfs 6.5 binutils

Geoff Howell howlie02 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 1 21:20:36 PST 2009

>> Hi everyone
>> I'm new here, and first time trying to build a linux system.
I'm trying to build lfs6.5 on a debian lenny system inside a
ViritualBox vm. I'm following the book to the letter (copy/paste
instructions rather than typing by hand), and have not got beyond glibc
in chapter 6.
>> My system meets or exceeds software requirements from version-check.sh.
First problem: binutils in ch5 - it compiles successfully, but when I
check what's installed I find no libopcodes or libbfd in /tools/lib (or
anywhere else for that matter). So, is this an issue (ie are these lib
files required or can I proceed without them?)
>> Second problem: will bring it up after first problem is solved :) as it may be related.
I don't think that my host system has these libs either (but can't
confirm that right now as I'm at work). I've installed build-essential
and linux headers (2.6.26-2).
>> After much
searching I can't find any answer on this. Does anyone have any idea
why these libs are not installed? I can provide further information
later this evening when I'm at home.
>> Thanks
>> Geoff
> I don't know for sure whether they are supposed to be in /tools,
> but...is there a specific reason you're asking? Are you getting errors?
are you sure you didn't install libop* unto your host system i.g.

Justin P. Mattock
I'll check this tonight. I vaguely recall checking the other day, but can't be certain.
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