Interface eth0 does not exist

Dominic Ringuet dringuet at
Sun Nov 1 12:53:05 PST 2009

I had a strange bug on an old laptop with xircom modem/ethernet card. The
network card was called eth1 while eth0 was used for the serial port on the

You can verify if you have similar issues, from the prompt:

$ ifconfig -a

Then see if some eth1 shows up. Under the same issue, if my memory works
correctly, you will need to:

$ mv /etc/sysconfig/network-devices/ifconfig.eth0/

Good luck,


On Sun, Nov 1, 2009 at 3:00 PM, Simone Dalmasso
<simone.dalmasso at>wrote:

> Hi list I've finally built my LFS and it works. Just one issue, while
> booting I get a Warn: "Interface eth0 doesn't exist" and when shutting down
> I also get "Device eth0 doesn' exist"
> I tried to recompile the kernel doing a make clean and then activating the
> network driver for AMD Pcnet32 (got with lspci from LiveCd)  in the kernel
> gui.
> But nothing changes. I'm working under a virtual machine (VMWare Fusion).
> Can you help me? Thanks.
> Simone
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