lfs 6.5 binutils

Geoff Howell howlie02 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 1 20:31:06 PST 2009

>The list of contents for each package only applies to the final 

I guess that would make sense. thanks.
So, I've pressed on from there, got to ch6, and got some errors from testing glibc. will post exact errors later this evening. There were 3 errors, one which the book specifically says I can ignore, but two others  - something like tst_cond20 and tst_cond21 (can't remember full path, but I think the nptl directory was in there somewhere).
I tried compiling and testing 3 times, got exactly the same errors. SO, pressed on on the assumption that maybe these errors aren't critical (book is a bit vague on this, I guess for good reason - there are lots of tests, lots of reasons for failure - not all critical). Now getting errors when compiling gcc.

I'll be more specific later tonight or tomorrow evening when I've re-traced my steps and have actual error messages etc to post.

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