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Sun May 31 15:27:07 PDT 2009

Le Sun, 31 May 2009 15:42:11 -0400 Jaiyson <jaiyson at sympatico.ca> a
écrit :

> So I finally got my LFS to boot....thanks Gerard, Hugh and Bruce for 
> giving suggestions on how to make it so....

And poor Nico, posting on LFS-Chat, didn't get any praise :-(

> I thought I would write out what I did to get it working so if other 
> newbies like myself come along and have the same problems they can 
> use the info to help...

Sure this is the right behaviour ! If only for you next time ;-)
> In the end, while in menuconfig, I think it was a few 
> sub-settings(that I did not do before) I tried under the Drivers - 
> ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL category that made the difference. I can't be more 
> specific in that regard since being booted in lfs now I can only look 
> at the config file with vim which lays out the information 
> differently and can't prompt my memory well enough.

Maybe some dmesg study, and looking at the modules loaded, could help
you discover what are the right options. Hard stuff to do it first, then
it's quite allways the same thing, especially for old material (don't
argue, Celeron is not bright new hardware !).
> One thing I would like to say for other newbies is that when you 
> enter that menuconfig part in section 8.3.1 each item in it has a 
> help tab that gives very useful information about that particular 
> setting. I Tabbed through all of the kernel options and read most of 
> those help files. They're
> not large like Man files but still gives you good info to make 
> decisions on including an item or not.  So having looked at what 
> hardware I have and using the help files I added some of these which 
> are not set to default( for the most part that my memory serves) with 
> kernel source:

Yeah, but some are quite confusing. The only thing I look at most of the
time is : "If you don't understand, say yes" or "say no" !
Enjoy your brand new LFS ! BLFS is next ;-)



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