JHALFS didn't install Shadow

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 20 11:32:18 PDT 2009

I recently used JHALFS to build the 6.4 book, using QEMU as the
build "machine", that is, a hardware emulator, and the 6.3r2160
LiveCD ISO image. I used the tricks I used before when on a "real"
machine to take out the tests that failed (and were not intended
to run, anyway). Well, it did not build or install shadow, so I
had no useradd, no ability to log in as root, etc. It took a little
bit of reading to figure out what happened, and then I rebooted the
"machine" using the LiveCD image, and did the build and install
by hand, after which it now boots and runs just fine (such as
it is, of course, not much of a system).

Anyway, I didn't encounter this when running directly on an old
HP XL844 machine, and thought I'd pass that along. When I get
a little more time, I'll go have a look at the JHALFS logs and
report back more fully.

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