Building a LiveCD

Tom Yarrish tom.yarrish at
Wed May 20 10:20:12 PDT 2009

Hey all,
I'm trying to put together a bootable Linux distro for a specific  
purpose.  I've put together the initial LFS system per the  
documentation, and I've (in parallel) been customizing the LiveCD LFS  
as well.  I would like to go with the LiveCD moving forward because it  
will do what I need it to do from a boot perspective, however there's  
one issue.
When I boot the custom iso file I made, it's prompting me for the time  
zone, language, etc.  Is there a way to have that information preset,  
so it just boots up to the root prompt?  That's really what I want it  
to do.

However since it looks like the LiveCD part of this project is in  
limbo, I wasn't sure if I need to follow the instructions for LFS/BLFS  
in order to make the bootable distro I want.

Again I just need it to boot to a root prompt (a la Knoppix for  
example) and then I'll take care of what I need to do from there.

Thanks ahead of time,

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