Error initializing device socket

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Thu May 14 08:10:10 PDT 2009

Juan Alberto Regalado Galván wrote:
> Both. When it starts booting, it mount the root partition, an other
> things that are done at bootup, etc. And then at some point it just
> say "Error Initializing control socket" and stops there, and there's
> nothing I can do but reboot with the SysRq key.
> I find a temporal solution to this, that was copying a kernel that
> I've got from puppy linux distro. So I supouse the problem is there,
> in the kernel compilation. Anyway, I would like to compile the kernel
> and not use that one from puppy anymore, because it's very old and
> some functionality is missing.

Try compiling the kernel with no modules.  It will then be self consistent and 
not dependent on the file system to load modules.  If there are errors, they 
should be apparent on the screen and you can investigate that.

   -- Bruce

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