Error in NCURSES-5.7 Procedure?

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Fri May 1 16:08:46 PDT 2009

Hi Bruce,

On Fri, May 1, 2009 at 3:53 PM, Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at> wrote:

> are there any exceptions you may have to the prereqs that
> are specified in section iv. Host System Requirements?

1. None that I know of.  The steps ran successfully (as far
as they went).  Nothing seems to have been missing or awry.
Obviously, I'd be looking forward to an example of what
something missing (or wrong) could have led to my _specific_

> There are quite a few things that you have not mentioned.
> The instructions for the entire book have been checked
> with an automated procedure ...

2. As I mentioned in my post, the problem (if any) is
corrected "automatically" (automagically, as they say) at
the very last step (the non-wide copy).
So if the procedure is in a script (I assume this is what
you call "automated") I suppose the problem might not show up
if the script runs uninterrupted.

2.1.  What fraction of users use the automated procedure (as
a guess)?
2.2.  Where can one find the automated procedure?

> what is your host system?

3. Sorry, my fault.  I thought the problem was independent
of the particular host system.
A few details (more can be provided, upon request):

i686-pc-linux-gnu, (B)LFS.  Kernel:,  Udev: 141

One might say I'm at _B_LSF level, with certain holes
plugged in with the help of _L_FS procedures.
Moving from my original, _2005_ LFS ncurses 5.4 to
the latest, 5.7, is a case in point (i.e. keeping up with the

> Third, are you compiling ncurses from chapter 5 or chapter 6?

4. Chapter 6 (chapter 5 procedure, which I suppose is for
installing ncurses for the first time, is very simple, not
containing the more sophisticated steps of 6, as seen
in my post.)

> In virtually every case, problems like yours are due to an
> accidental deviation from the book's earlier instructions
> or trying to do things in an unsupported manner.

5. No deviations (accidental or otherwise).  I thought I
provided enough details about how you hit the problem
by running the steps _one at a time_ (not automatically).
Of course, the 'for' loop (whose effects I'm suspicious of),
is run all at once as a single step.  Can be run as one
line at a time but that would really be splitting hairs.

Please note, other people with ncurses at 5.4 or later
may have ended up with a different five-link chain than
mine.  As I pointed out, this "krazy" chain is at the root
of a problem like this.  This is why I mentioned "Wiki" as
a source of help for the (few) unfortunate guys like me.

> If this is your first LFS system, follow the instructions
> exactly.  After you learn more, then deviate as you see fit.

6. I followed the instructions (of Chapter 6) to the letter.
I'm repeating myself, but based on the premise (configuration)
I described, one can see the problem by just looking at the
steps to be taken to the 'for' and including.
I don't like to deviate.  When I did was to fix the dangling link
and thus the crashed sytem.

Thank you for your comments.
-- Alex

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