error installing e2fsprogs

Dewees, Robert L rldewees at
Fri May 1 13:53:27 PDT 2009

On a whim, I renamed the executable /tools/bin/touch and created a
symlink from /bin/touch (the app from the host system) and the "make"
completed and the app install without errors.

Could this be a mis-step when I installed the coreutils?

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Version 6.12 is installed (from coreutils v6.12 - per the instructions).

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Dewees, Robert L wrote:
> I get an error installing e2fsprogs:
> LFS version: 6.4
> Host distrib: CentOS 5.3
> Package: e2fsprogs1.41.3
> Error (see below):  touch: setting times of `subdirs': Function not
> implemented
> <snip>
> Any help will be appreciated.
> -rld
Looks to my untrained eye that you are either running an old version of 
touch (not 100% sure what package that is in), or you are trying to 
compile it on a non-ext2/3/4/reiserfs partition. I might be completely 
wrong though.

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