Error in NCURSES-5.7 Procedure?

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Sat May 2 07:41:33 PDT 2009

On Fri, May 1, 2009 at 10:50 PM, Chris Staub <chris at> wrote.

Hi Chris,

I think the main problem here is that youse guys
have not read my original post in any depth.

Let me be very clear:
You DON'T have to.  Nor to give any reason for not
going over it at all or in any meaningful fashion.
Everybody is busy and has at least global problems

If anyone looks at the archives for the last two months
or so, I have posts where nobody bothered to reply at all.
Not even in this fashion, where so far the reply/comments are
completely off the subject (as wrong as I might actually be
on _my_ subject).
Life goes on, NO problem.  Many thanks for your work, in general.
Back to the subject :) [I'll quote from my original posts in << ... >>]

My letter was a sincere attempt to help others if it turns out
I was right:

<< If true, this should go to the attention of LFS Developers.
If specific to my type configuration, maybe in a Wiki,
to whom it may concern.
If wrong, please disregard.>> ...
... and  I sincerely apologize.

I can be wrong both
- Technically (obviously) and/or
- "Procedurally"
Here, I see how we've talked as if from different planets:

<< One might say I'm at _B_LSF level, with certain holes
plugged in with the help of _L_FS procedures.
Moving from my original, _2005_ LFS ncurses 5.4 to
the latest, 5.7, is a case in point (i.e. keeping up with the

All these years, I've been under the impression that,
once in BLFS, nothing can (or should) stop me from using
the LFS procedures when missing in BLFS for needed upgrades,
such as Udev, Kernel, M4, NCURSES (to name a few) or true holes.
They work perfectly (chroot or no :) AFAIAC.
Just that for the very good, complete and detailed NCURSES05.7
procedure I found a possible problem, at least for my 5.4 configuration
(which I figure in good conscience stems from my original
LFS build four years ago).  I'm referring to the "chain" of
symlinks, which, as I said, ugly, but workable.

I gather that you either
- do not assume that the fine procedures in Ch. 6 cannot
be used in isolation (i.e., by a "BLFS" guy), and/or
- you have procedures for those BLFS upgrades stashed away
somewhere that I'm not aware of.  If so, again, apologies
and please direct me to, for example, the place I can find
the real procedure for the upgrade to nurses-5.7.

As a general statement, with this "exception", the Ch. 6
procedures (Devl. Book) work just find in a "non-chroot"
environment (otherwise I wouldn't be here to talk about it :)

> you will need to specify what it is that you are actually doing.
> For example, explain *how* exactly Ncurses symlinks cause problems
> with Vi or Less [or Bash], when neither of those should already be
> installed before Ncurses.

I do hope, the above has become moot by now.

Thank you for your interest,
-- Alex

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