Error in NCURSES-5.7 Procedure?

Chris Staub chris at
Fri May 1 19:50:29 PDT 2009

alupu wrote:
> Hi Ken,
> Rarely have I seen two _totally_ disjointed conversations!
> I take just your first paragraph above as an example.
> Where did you see me using the words:
> - chroot

You did say that the problem is in Chapter 6, in which you are (supposed 
to be) inside a chroot environment. Therefore, if you say you are in LFS 
Chapter 6, and claim to be following the book, it is reasonable to 
assume you are chrooted.

> - lfs-dev

Probably just a guess, since you forgot to specify exactly which LFS 
version you are building.

> - Vim

In your original message you mentioned a problem with Vi (among others) 
due to the Ncurses symlinks. As LFS installs Vim, it is assumed that 
when you mention Vi you mean Vim, particularly since you claim that your 
host is an LFS system.

> If you want me I'll write in German :) so we can get a
> modicum of understanding each other.
> The subject of my post cannot be farther from what you
> are talking about.
> Please read and try to understand what I was describing.
> Take my post as a whole, or by paragraph, ask questions
> where you don't understand or agree.
> I'm more than happy to respond and explain.
> Eine Tragoedie went directly into a Farce, I'm afraid.
> Thanks for your interest, anyway,
> -- Alex

Going from what you said, I am going to have to agree with Ken here. 
However, as you claim that his assumption about what you are doing is 
false, you will need to specify what it is that you are actually doing. 
For example, explain *how* exactly Ncurses symlinks cause problems with 
Vi or Less, when neither of those should already be installed before 

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