error installing e2fsprogs

Robert A. Lerche ral at
Fri May 1 19:08:41 PDT 2009

> On a whim, I renamed the executable /tools/bin/touch and created a
> symlink from /bin/touch (the app from the host system) and the "make"
> completed and the app install without errors.
> Could this be a mis-step when I installed the coreutils?

I hit this too.  It's due to building on an old system.  There was a
change (utimensat) that the latest glibc and touch use to update a
timestamp.  (I grumbled for a few minutes when I discovered this --
why is there a change to this ancient function?)

See, for example,

Anyhow, your fix should work for now but you probably want to upgrade
the kernel, glibc and coreutils on the build system.  You might run
into something else later.

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