A Modest Proposal for JHALFS Enhancement

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 26 23:27:41 PDT 2009

In the vein of being able to build small systems, I hereby make
this modest proposal for an enhancement to JHALFS. Currently,
the system builds in a subdirectory of the configurable sources
directory, which must, therefore, be on read/write storage.

I suggest that the actual directory in which builds take place
also be configurable, and not be required to be a sub directory
of the sources directory.

This would have two desirable consequences. First, the sources
could reside on an immutable medium, like a CD-ROM, and not
consume precious (on small systems) disc space. Second, the
sources would be immutable, and hence not subject to accidental

In this wise, the disc space used during the builds would be
used only when a build was actually taking place, and could be
reclaimed after each build (at least when temporary builds
are taking place). Since LFS is essentially a source distribution
(if one may even call it a distribution), there is no need to
keep the objects in the build directories to be preserved, but
only the installed objects. The original compressed source
tarballs could continue to reside on an immutable medium.

I trow that the additional effort would be well worth it,
and the extra maintenance effort would likewise be well

Thank you for your consideration.

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