Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 26 21:27:03 PDT 2009

Thomas Pegg wrote:
> Ok retry it like this "/media/hdb1/6.4/extracted/BOOK", but without
> the quotes I put in.
> You don't want index.xml in there, jhalfs adds that automatically.
> Now if that doesn't work, then I'm kinda stumped.

Ok, it processed the book, seemingly, but it still can't
build. It apparently has no concept that the source
files might not actually be in the same place as the
build directory. I'd like to leave them on the CD-ROM,
and not copy everything to the miniature disc. It is
going to copy from the sources directory to a temp
directory anyway, so I don't see why they are conflated.

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