Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 26 19:39:45 PDT 2009

Thomas Pegg wrote:

Thanks for your reply!

> Not sure why it would be looking for BOOK.XML, it should look for index.xml
> Could you post the exact error your getting?

Right after boot, I did

# su - jhalfs
$ startx

and since then I've been using sudo for all root level commands
necessary, otherwise all work done as jhalfs.

Ok, I've copied to the mounted disc image to get a writable
version and done a "make". It runs a configurator which
has menu driven entry. I entered the paths I want to use, and
told it to save the configuration. It then begins to verify
that the toolset is adequate (it is) and then I get this:

The variable "<BOOK>" value
</media/hdb1/6.4/extracted/BOOK/index.xml> is invalid, rerun
make and fix your configuration settings.

When I do an ls on that full path it shows as existing,
and having permissions 755 rwxr-xr-x, but being in a
ro file system.

> What version of jhalfs are you using, run jhalfs -v to find out.

Not possible, it doesn't exist, but the directory it's in
is /home/jhalfs/jhalfs-2.3.1 (originally, now copied).

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