Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 26 17:48:35 PDT 2009

I am going to try a build of 6.4 using QEMU to run a virtual
machine booting the LFS 6.3 LiveCD. I've got it set up so
that QEMU sees the ISO image as the CD-ROM, and sees another
actual CD-ROM as a VFAT RO file system, containing the documentation
directory of the book for 6.4, and another disc file as
/dev/hdb. I've successfully booted, and verified that I can
access the book, and run fdisk to partition and install
an ext3 file system on /dev/hdb1. I now want to get started
getting JHALFS up and running, but it seems to want a path
to BOOK.XML, which doesn't appear to exist for the 6.4
version of the book. What should I configure JHALFS to use?
have a directory with this view (from the host system)

$ ls /mnt/cdrom/6.4/extracted/BOOK
appendices        INSTALL
aux-file-data.sh  lfs-bootscripts-20081031.tar.bz2
bootscripts       make-aux-files.sh
chapter01         Makefile
chapter02         obfuscate.sh
chapter03         packages.ent
chapter04         patches.ent
chapter05         process-scripts.sh
chapter06         prologue
chapter07         README
chapter08         stylesheets
chapter09         tidy.conf
general.ent       udev-config
images            udev-config-20081015.tar.bz2

Do I need to pass JHALFS "index.xml" as the XML version of the book?
If not, then what, exactly, is JHALFS expecting as input?

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