A Suggestion For A Simple Package Manager

Tobias Gasser lfs at ebp-gasser.ch
Mon Mar 23 03:24:30 PDT 2009

> I'm a little surprised at the vehemence of your statement.
> Why are you so excited by my opinion which applies only to
> the machines I own that you used four exclamation marks?

sorry, i didn't want to offend anybody.

> ISTM that you have relatively little contact with
> reasonable version control, package management, and
> build control systems. It shouldn't even be necessary

i think i have a basic knowlege about it, but i don't use them.

> to compile or build the image(s) necessary for a given
> machine on a machine of the same architecture, let
> alone for it to be the same machine. Most of the work

again i have theoretic knowledge about cross-compiling. an i often build 
a lfs distro on a powerfull machine to transfer it at the end to an 
other machine (but always in the same family, i.e. without the need of 


> Of course, creation of such a collection of tools is a
> significant effort, as is maintenance of it, as well
> as the maintenance of the specifications, though those
> should be relatively static by comparison with the
> point releases of the components comprising the deliverable.

for me, the effort to maintain this tools would be to big. i'm now used 
to maintain my batch-scripts to have always the "optimal" configuration 
for each source-package depending on which other packages are available.

i use lfs only for servers where i don't need a gui. for desktops where 
the user has the choice to maintain the system himself i switched from 
debian to ubuntu. for a server the effort to solve the dependencies is 
ok for me, but for a full kde or gnome it's far beyond my capabilities.

mybe i should hav written:

i'll explain why *I* never will use any package-manager
instead of
i'll explain why i *NEVER* will use any package-manager

thanks for your very informative mail

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