How to upgrade a package in a linux distribution?

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Thu Mar 19 03:04:10 PDT 2009

petrele.chen wrote:


> And about LFS, I doesn't agree with you in some place. First, LFS is
> a way to build your own OS _or_ learn the construction of a Linux OS, 
> and what you end up it with is not important at all. So, where the 
> question came from doesn't matter at all. the only thing matters is the
> solution.

You can't expect the LFS support group to be experts in system
administration for every distro of Linux on the planet. If your
question is about LFS, then you can expect expert responses.
If it's about some other distro, then you need to ask people
who reasonably can be expected to be experts in that distro.
That usually means asking in a support group for that distro.

There are certain requirements listed for the system used to
build LFS. If you try to use one which does not meet those
minimal requirements, then you are more or less on your own,
I'm afraid.

The LFS support team supplies a system which does meet the
minimal requirements, namely the LFS LiveCD. THAT they can
be expected to support and help with. Perhaps that's the
way you should go.

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