Wrong FOP MD5?

alupu alupu02 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 19:39:51 PDT 2009

On Mon Mar 16 00:43:54 MDT 2009 Simon Geard wrote

> Don't know about the BLFS checksums
Normally, when they use the phrase
"Download MD5 sum:" in the BLSF book,
I assume it's the md5sum, and in 99% of the instances
it is (with rare exceptions :-).

> that url has version 0.95, also
> with the md5sum 58593e6c86be17d7dc03c829630fd152.

I missed 0.95 sources at that time.
Could it be that they were playing with the files
at that very moment so as to fix the checksum
to come out as
 58593e6c86be17d7dc03c829630fd152 :-)

Anyway, in today's BLFS Dev. book the checksum has
been changed to

Which is good.
-- Alex

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