Directory listing order in /etc/

Randy McMurchy lfs.user at
Fri Mar 13 16:28:46 PDT 2009

Dan Nicholson wrote these words on 03/13/09 17:33 CST:
> On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 2:24 PM, Angel Tsankov <fn42551 at> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Does the order of directories in /etc/ matter?
> Yes. Libraries will match from the first directory they're found from
> /etc/ then /usr/lib and /usr/lib64 (on 64 bit systems).

Actually (and it's rare to have to 'correct' Dan), but the libs are looked
for in the directories named in /etc/ and then the "trusted
directories", which are /lib and then /usr/lib (or the corresponding 64-bit

Just wanted to be thorough here, as Dan failed to mention /lib.


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