Weird thing with LessTif-0.95.0 and ImageMagick-6.3.5-10

ga ho gazza1z at
Tue Mar 3 01:50:03 PST 2009

Build BLFS svn-20090124
On 16GB USB2.0 stick

Here's a weird thing:

In my .mwmrc file the line:

"ImageMagick-6.3.5-10"  f.exec "/usr/bin/display"

does not work and my .xsession-errors file states that it can't execute /usr/bin/display

However when I run /usr/bin/display from an xterm window ImageMagick starts up with no problem.

Also if I change my .mwmrc file to read:

"ImageMagick-6.3.5-10"  f.exec "xterm -e /usr/bin/display"

ImageMagick starts up ok (albeit with an xterm window behind it)

Anyone got any ideas about this?



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