Chapter 5.6: Linux API Headers won't build

Justin P. Mattock justinmattock at
Mon Jun 29 21:16:09 PDT 2009

Smartboy wrote:
> I have checked, and went over the build exactly how the book says. 
> Yet, when I try to compile the Linux API headers, I get stuck at make 
> headers_check with the error message:
> "scripts/unifdef.c:209: error: conflicting types for 'getline'
> /usr/include/stdio.h:651: error: previous declaration of 'getline' was 
> here"
> I did a google search, and it seems that a patch was made for this, 
> but for more recent kernels. You can find the patch here 
> (, 
> but if you try to apply it, you should get errors.
> Anyone else experience this? Any solutions?
update your kernel, or add this commit:;a=commit;h=d15bd1067b1fcb2b7250d22bc0c7c7fea0b759f7


Justin P. Mattock

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