build error :( need help

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> On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 3:43 AM, Ken Moffat<zarniwhoop73 at>
> wrote:
> >  You can't build glibc using mawk, you need gawk (and awk needs to be
> > a symlink to gawk).  Please see the host system requirements in the
> > preface.
> An extra note if you are using Ubuntu and/or Debian:
> If you see that Awk links to Mawk, run this command (without quotes):
> "sudo apt-get install gawk"
> And Gawk is installed, and also, awk will link to gawk!
> If you are using Debian (On Ubuntu, this following command will not
> work, because if you try to remove mawk from Ubuntu, you'll also
> attempt to remove the base-files, and apt-get will stop you from doing
> that. I tried it on Ubuntu, and apt-get stopped me from removing
> mawk.), and you want to save space, run this command (again, without
> quotes):
> "sudo apt-get remove mawk"
> William
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thaaaaaaaaanks William Immendorf *i use ubuntu 9.04 and apt-get install gawk
worked good with me , thank you very much *
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