Help: ownership problem of $LFS/tools

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that is wrong you have not setup your environmental variable right. LFS=/mnt/lfs  export LFS

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When you do something like "make install" you should be sudoer, so the right command is : "sudo make install".
Before you do that you have to define the "lfs" user as sudoer in the "sudoers" file by adding the same line which define the "root", at the end of file.

2009/6/16 mustapha bettich <zippo29 at>

I am a newbie about linux and LFS and I just started to build my own LFS. I have a problem: when doing a "make install" of any package, I think it is trying to create a /tools directory inside /tools or something like that. And because my lfs user is not the sudoer of the files it fails and gives me error.

To make it work I changed this command by changing the prefix: CC="gcc -B/usr/bin/" ../binutils-2.18/configure --prefix=/mnt/lfs/tools --disable-nls --disable-werror. I think it will not change anything but I want to be sure that it will not impact my further work.

Thanks in advance

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