Help: ownership problem of $LFS/tools

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Wed Jun 17 07:47:05 PDT 2009

khaled gouaich wrote:
> hi,
> When you do something like "make install" you should be sudoer, so the right
> command is : "sudo make install".
> Before you do that you have to define the "lfs" user as sudoer in the
> "sudoers" file by adding the same line which define the "root", at the end
> of file.

1.  Please don't send HTML in your posts.

2.  No, you don't need sudo as the user lfs.  That is only used in Chapter 5 and 
we change ownership of the install directory to th elfs user.  See Section 4.3, 
Adding the LFS User.

   -- Bruce

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