Help: ownership problem of $LFS/tools

mustapha bettich zippo29 at
Tue Jun 16 04:18:56 PDT 2009



I am a newbie about linux and LFS and I just started to build my own LFS. I have a problem: when doing a "make install" of any package, I think it is trying to create a /tools directory inside /tools or something like that. And because my lfs user is not the sudoer of the files it fails and gives me error.

To make it work I changed this command by changing the prefix: CC="gcc -B/usr/bin/" ../binutils-2.18/configure --prefix=/mnt/lfs/tools --disable-nls --disable-werror. I think it will not change anything but I want to be sure that it will not impact my further work.


Thanks in advance





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