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Thu Jan 29 08:21:59 PST 2009

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// > I have a fresh LFS 6.4 installation, all I've done is add 1 user. Is
// > there a preferred way to back it up (and restore)?
// > 
// > Would it be sufficient to just use the liveCD, mount my paritition,
// > and 'cp -ar', or do I need to do something more arcane like 'dd'?
// cp works well for me, but you don't need the "r" option if you are using the "a" option as "a" is the same as using -dpR.  I usually use cp -ax or cp -avx if I want it echoed to the screen -- makes the process much slower though.  Clearly, you don't need to copy /proc and /sys as they are regenerated each time you boot; you could just create the directories.  There are also directories like /mnt and /home where you may want to review the contents first before you copy.  If you are going to copy /boot and you want to boot from the copy make sure that the information in /boot/grub/menu.lst is still relevant to the new installation.

These all sound like good ideas to me.  

At this point you have a really simple system.  What you really need to do 

copy: /bin /lib /usr /etc /boot /var to some sort of medium.

To restore: just create a new filesystem on the partition, and copy the 
correct trees back.

tar cvzf back_up.tgz /bin /lib /usr /etc /boot /var <anything else you 

Or cp -a, or dd, or whateva.


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