Backup of LFS

richard.melville at richard.melville at
Thu Jan 29 03:19:29 PST 2009

> I have a fresh LFS 6.4 installation, all I've done is add 1 user. Is
> there a preferred way to back it up (and restore)?
> Would it be sufficient to just use the liveCD, mount my paritition,
> and 'cp -ar', or do I need to do something more arcane like 'dd'?

cp works well for me, but you don't need the "r" option if you are using the "a" option as "a" is the same as using -dpR.  I usually use cp -ax or cp -avx if I want it echoed to the screen -- makes the process much slower though.  Clearly, you don't need to copy /proc and /sys as they are regenerated each time you boot; you could just create the directories.  There are also directories like /mnt and /home where you may want to review the contents first before you copy.  If you are going to copy /boot and you want to boot from the copy make sure that the information in /boot/grub/menu.lst is still relevant to the new installation.


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