cannot open root device hda3

Philipp Christian Loewner bOrgph at
Wed Jan 28 14:26:40 PST 2009

Hi there!

I hope I don't repeat something that was said earlier. I have
seen this kind of errors a few times when I built LFS on my
machine, and it was nearly always due to some missing kernel
features. I haven't seen a kernel configuration page for quite
a while now, so I can't really tell which ones to enable, but
if I remember right, there are some that aren't that obviously
needed for HDDs.

At least, your kernel should display a list of recognized
partitions. That it doesn't do seems to me like a hint that
your harddrive and/or partitions were not recognized correctly.

You should try enabling 'Unix domain socket' if you haven't
already got that (Look somewhere in the 'Networking' section),
but there could be other options that are also required(Maybe

Just for the sake of completeness, double-check that ext3 support is
enabled, but I suppose you have already done that.

Good luck!

	- Philipp

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