Can't Boot Without Boot Disk--Bios Hosed?

Wit WitlessIdiot at
Mon Jan 12 17:10:02 PST 2009

Greg van Slageren wrote:
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> Hi Dan,
> I have XP setup on hda and Linux on hdb similar to yourself. Rather than
> use different packages / programms to backup and restore different os's,
> I use 'bootit ng'. Granted its not shareware / freeware or open source, but
> it's worth considering as it runs independant of all os's. It is both a
> boot manager and partition backup/restore utility.

Hmmm. Sounds a lot like LILO, which LFS used to use before the world 
became enamored of GRUB. Is "bootit ng" easier to use and maintain than 
LILO? Or, at least, is the learning curve a lot shorter than LILO? IIRC, 
the learning curve is what always stumped the new users.

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> Greg
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