Can't Boot Without Boot Disk--Bios Hosed?

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Mon Jan 12 16:20:00 PST 2009

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> Subject: Re: Can't Boot Without Boot Disk--Bios Hosed?
> Dan McGhee wrote:
>> Posting to this list because of possible GRUB installation probs.
>> Dual boot box with XP and (B)LFS on separate hard drives--XP on hda1 and 
>> LFS on hdb1. LFS 3 (?) years old--6.1 or 6.2. Wanted to re-arrange 
>> partitions and clean-up pending a new LFS build. Backed up everything to 
>> external hard drive. I used Nero for Windows and `tar -cf - . | tar 
>> -xvf - -C ` for linux. I might add that I hadn't done this 
>>  .........
>> I'm hoping that someone here can at least point me in the right 
>> direction on this. Hard drive and bios operations are absolutely my 
>> weakest area in computing.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Dan
> I had something similar recently with a dual boot system. I think you 
> will find that XP when installed on teh first HDD places the key bootup 
> files NTLDR et al on the second physical disk.
> I would try physically disconnecting the second disk, then repairing (or 
> even reinstalling) XP.
> There's no guarantee that this will work of course, but I think it's 
> worth a try.
> Regards,
> Anthony.
> -- 
Hi Dan,
I have XP setup on hda and Linux on hdb similar to yourself. Rather than
use different packages / programms to backup and restore different os's,
I use 'bootit ng'. Granted its not shareware / freeware or open source, but
it's worth considering as it runs independant of all os's. It is both a
boot manager and partition backup/restore utility.
I don't need to consider the 'how-to-boot' another os from within each system
and my recovery time is in the order of minutes, not hours.
As for recovering your systems, i'd suggest removing each hd and restore each
os seperatly. This will prevent any damage to the other. Then you may need to
adjust the grubs menu.lst and fstab to file to work as hdb.
I'd also check and ensure that the option to swap hd's is not set in your bios.

Good luck

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