Can't Boot Without Boot Disk--Bios Hosed?

S D cogitocumimpune at
Mon Jan 12 13:28:32 PST 2009

 I think your BIOS might be set to boot off the wrong disk. Since you
reinstalled grub I'm guessing that was on the MBR of the LFSdisk so
you need to point your bios at that. That way when you want to boot
into windows it should flow something like:
    BIOS -> LFSdisk MBR -> GRUB -> XPdisk MBR -> XPsystem.
And when you boot into LFS it should flow like:
    BIOS -> LFSdisk MBR -> GRUB -> LFSsystem.

I've had similar troubles with Partition Magic 8 and find a much more
reliable solution is to use the GParted or QParted live-CD, that way
you can't change the system you are running the partitioner from and
cause it to crash or wipe everything.

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