5.13 Binutils testsuite

Tomáš Skočdopole tomas.skocdopole at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 15:40:38 PST 2009


I have a problem with building LFS 6.4 from LiveCD 6.4. I am in the
chapter 5.13 Binutils and I do the testsuite.

When I compare my output with this
I have this three subtests failed:
Running /mnt/lfs/sources/binutils-2.18/ld/testsuite/ld-shared/shared.exp ...
FAIL: shared (non PIC)
FAIL: shared (non PIC, load offset)
FAIL: shared (PIC main, non PIC so)

Please, can somebody help me, what can be wrong?

Thank you!

Regards Tomas Skocdopole

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