jhalfs issue with permissions

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Jan 5 16:50:25 PST 2009

Ralph Porter wrote:

>  Building target 028-binutils-pass1
>  [/du: cannot read directory `/mnt/lfs/.Trash-root': Permission denied 0 sec
> du: cannot read directory `/mnt/lfs/.Trash-rporter': Permission denied

Wait, it actually started the build!  I missed that part yesterday. 
What exactly is the problem? The du commands?  The build shouldn't stop 
because of that, did it stop, or did you stop it?  Anyway, the du errors 
are harmless, but the reason is that the lfs user (just created) does 
not have read access to those directories.  As for the 'Sorry, try 
again' errors...What happens if you do 'sudo useradd lfs'?  Assuming 
those were errors and not that I just misinterpreted the problem, is SE 
enabled?  I haven't heard of SE causing problems yet, but I'd disable or 
at least set to permissive.

-- DJ Lucas

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