USB Hard Drive issues

Jack Stone jwjstone at
Tue Jan 6 04:08:50 PST 2009

Hi all,

I have a LFS 6.3 system which I am trying to attach a Maxtor Onetouch IV 
USB hard disk too.  The system recognises the disk under the udev_retry 
script but only after the next init script finished running, i.e after 
udevsettle returns.  This seems to be regardless of what the next 
initscript is.

As the udev_retry script is after the mountfs script I tried adding an 
extra_mount script after udev_retry which does a "mount -a".  This 
script fails as the device has not been created yet but the scsi driver 
recognises the drive straight after the error message, even before enter 
is pressed.

I have two questions:
 * Why does this not just work
 * Can I solve this by creating static devices (I would prefer not too 
but if its needed).



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