Q: why are the auto-tools in LFS and not BLFS?

Randy McMurchy lfs.user at mcmurchy.com
Fri Feb 27 16:32:23 PST 2009

Jeremy Henty wrote these words on 02/27/09 18:18 CST:
> So,  since creating  an  LFS system  only  requires building  existing
> software, why does it include  the auto-tools?  Could we not move them
> to BLFS?  What am I missing here?

The 600 previous discussions about the same subject. Please reference
the archives and you'll probably have more information that you wanted.

Not trying to be curt here, but this has been discussed ad nauseam.
Bottom line (I believe) is that these tools are expected to be there
on any linux system, so we install them.


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