Block Chars in man pages after completing LFS

Ryan Isaacs ryanisaacs at
Sun Feb 22 22:35:02 PST 2009

On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 6:29 PM, Ken Moffat <ken at> wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 05:33:27PM -0600, Ryan Isaacs wrote:
>> After completing my lfs build, I'm seeing some block characters in
>> some man pages.
>> For example, for 'man udev', towards the bottom of the first page, I
>> see a # sign between 2 block characters (squares). I presume these
>> should be quotes.
>> I set LANG to en_US.iso88591 in step 7.9. I've since tried setting
>> 'export LANG=' to both en_US and en_US.utf8 within a bash shell, but
>> still see the block chars.
>> Any ideas?
>> Thanks
>  Which version of the book  ?  Specifically, are you using
> groff-1.20.1 ?
>  I'm on an old clfs-ish system at the moment, with udev-135, and from
>  hexdump -C /usr/share/man/man7/udev.7  | less
> I can see that the characters are \' (backslash and single quotes) -
> nothing unusual about those (unlike some pages here which use
> "smart quotes").
>  If this is a released version of the book, I don't recall anyone
> reporting anything like this.
>  I assume that single quotes display normally outside of man pages ?
> On this setup of mine (normally en_GB.UTF-8) I can provoke the
> characters to be displayed as <C2><B4> in reverse video if I use
> any non-existent LC_ALL= value so I sort of guess something might
> be wrong with your locales.  Did you actually install these locales ?
> What does 'locale' report after you have set it ?
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I found that if I log in, and 'unset LANG', the man page for udev is
displayed correctly, with single quotes instead of the block chars.
That's probably not the correct solution, though, right?

I'm using LFS 6.4, which has groff

I'm not sure what "installing these locales" would mean? What section
in the LFS book would that refer to? I did the complete book,

I did go back and read the groff section (6.40), and I don't
explicitly remember doing the sed command to tell Groff to use ASCII
equivalents for single quotes and dashes, although I doubt I would
have skipped it. Where would the change to font/devutf8/R.proto come
out to in my completed system to I can confirm the step?

Lastly, I derived my LANG setting of 'en_US.ISO-8859-1' from the steps
in section 7.9.


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