Fwd: How to save and replicate a LFS

Wit WitlessIdiot at triad.rr.com
Thu Feb 19 03:50:56 PST 2009

Anthony Price wrote:
> Simon Geard wrote:
>> On Wed, 2009-02-18 at 10:03 +0000, Anthony Price wrote:
>>>  From the root of the LFS system
>>> cp -av * [target]
>>> Where the target is any area of storage such as another disk partition.
>> One qualification to that - the target has to be a filesystem that
>> respects ownership and permissions. So copying it to a FAT-formatted USB
>> stick will not give you a useful backup. If you do want to do that,
>> you'll need to format the stick as ext2 or another 'native' filesystem.
>> Simon.
> Good point. Thanks for the tip.

OTOH, if you instead use something like tar or cpio and compress the 
output, you can put it on the stick's native FS. I've not looked at the 
parameters (use man), but something like

tar -cjf /mnt/usbstick/output.file.z .

with additional parameters for preservation of attributes ought to get 
you started.

Then on the receiving system, after cd'ing to the target directory, 
something like

tar -xjf /mnt/usbstick/output.file.z

Be sure and use the man pages. Test and refine your parameters on a 
small subset first.

> A.P.


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